Different Fall Textures and How to Style Them for Work DreamPants

Different Fall Textures and How to Style Them for Work

Different Fall Textures and How to Style Them for Work

From the Sympli Staff

Playing with different textures is a great (and easy) way to add interest to any look, especially as the seasons begin to transition into cooler temperatures. Fall is one of the best seasons for fashion, with so many opportunities to create unique layered looks.

How to play with texture

Mix and match: Mixing and matching different textures helps to create a distinct look, and the best way to start is by identifying base textures - think about it like staging a house. These serve as the foundation upon which you can add more eye-catching textures because they’re more calm and don’t stand out too much. Pair the Foxy Faux Suede Shirt (Modern Animal Collection), with the Cinch Foxy Legging for a more casual look or the Foxy Wide Leg Pant for something rich and luxurious (in look and in feel). For a high-low look that will take you from open house to cocktails with friends, pair the Go-To Classic T-Shirt, made from soft jersey, with the Whisper 2-Tone Kimono (Modern Animal Collection) made from light, airy georgette fabric for a day to night look.


One colour in different textures: Love to wear all black but don’t want to feel boring? Choosing tonal pieces in different textures is the perfect solution to that problem. Pair a signature jersey top with the new Bamboo Cocoon Cardigan (Leisure In Style) for a casual look that doesn’t fall flat. Or, for something more elevated, try a punch of colour, such as Pomegranate, layered with the Foil Boucle Moto Jacket, (A Bit of Edge Collection - coming very soon). slightly glossed finish making it feel extra polished.


Dare to think differently: Every texture gives off a certain mood. Silk feels glamorous and feminine, flannel feels cozy and casual. But why not play with preconceived notions and pair a particular fabric with something unexpected? The new heather grey Cozy Long Cardigan or Cozy Short Cardigan (Leisure In Style) makes for a relaxed yet stylish look when paired with tailored trousers and a jersey turtleneck. Or, try the new Polar Fleece Vest, (A Bit of Edge Collection coming very soon), over a pair of faux leather pants for a mix of style and versatility.


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