Sympli - Let's Talk Necklines

Sympli - Let's Talk Necklines

We believe that every body is beautifully different and that rules are meant to be broken when it comes to your own personal style and confidence. And as a for women, by women clothing brand, we are also aware that sometimes having some guidance and tips can be helpful when exploring different styles. For that reason, we have put together a few expert-tips on what to consider when looking at necklines and at your Sympli wardrobe.

The right neckline flatters your face and figure, makes a statement, opens a canvas for accessories, and creates a balanced silhouette. The best thing about them is that they can be tailored depending on the weather, personal preferences and body type. So, before we go into detail with our favourite necklines, here’s 5 things to consider when selecting what works best for you:

  • Length of your hair
  • Length of your neck
  • Shape of your face
  • Width of your shoulders
  • Size of your bust

To show off a bit more décolletage and play around with interesting shapes and accessories, try some of these tips — from classic to trend-forward.

V-Neck – This neckline helps elongate the body and is great for all body types. However, it is particularly flattering on broader shoulders or shorter necks. The key to wearing this classic, versatile style of neckline is to choose the depth of the V that best suits your body type so that you feel comfortable. For example, smaller busts might gravitate towards lower Vs, while larger busts might prefer a more discrete plunge while still elongating and balancing their silhouette.

Wear it with: V-Necks can be fun to style, add a necklace that mirrors the shape and length of the V. If your neck is already quite long, you can add a layer underneath for a balancing effect or a shorter necklace to even out the length of your neck and chest.

Scoop Neck

Scoop Neck – Exactly what the name says, this neckline scoops down from the shoulders into a U shape. It is flattering for all body types and shows a little bit of skin. The visual effect is deep, wide and will draw the eye downward, lengthening your neck and accentuating your collarbone.

Wider scoop necks tend to flatter women with narrow shoulders. If a scoop is low, you can always pair it with a full-length pant or a long skirt for more coverage elsewhere, for example. On the other hand, a smaller scoop will flatter those with broader shoulders or a larger bust.  

Wear it with: Light, layered necklaces or drop earrings that will continue that lengthening effect.

Icon Mod Shirt

Button-Up Neck - This classic neckline can also work for all body types as it opens the shoulders and gives you a crisp/sharp look. One of the advantages of this type of neckline is that the deepness of the V can be adjusted depending on your mood, occasion and overall look. Button-Ups can also be worn open as a layering piece which makes them even more versatile.

If you are more petite, we suggest a more tailored cut and if you’re on the curvier side, a looser fit to avoid gaping across the chest is a good idea.

Wear it with: Balance more masculine button-ups with delicate, layered necklaces. If you’re wearing it buttoned up all the way or very high, we suggest a delicate pair of earrings to complete your look as well.

Funnel Neck or Higher Necklines – A sophisticated type of neckline that hits a few inches below the chin. This style helps highlight your face and bring the focus of your look upwards. Also, if you have a longer neck or face, this style helps to offset those features. Funnel necks or higher necklines go really well with short hair styles or with your hair pulled up. They can work with all body types and especially with smaller busts, it is just a matter of accessorizing depending on the silhouette you want to create for the overall outfit.

Higher necklines can go well paired with less coverage in other parts of the outfit, a shorter skirt or a cropped pant can be good options to achieve a visually balanced aesthetic.  

Wear it with: Your hair up and a nice pair of dangle earrings or hoops. Try a Matinee length necklace if you want to keep the attention towards the face or a longer one if you’d like to elongate your figure and bring the eyeline down a bit.  

Boat Neck - This wider neckline follows the curve of the collarbone to the tip of the shoulders, balancing out wider hips, narrow faces, necks or shoulders, and smaller busts.

Second only to a high neck, a boatneck offers the most coverage. It is perfect for elegant events and draws the eyes up while making the waist look smaller. This style runs on the conservative side but still grabs attention while flattering your silhouette.

Wear it with: Create a little interest with long, layered or fun, pendants. Small, shiny studs can be an option for a formal function too.

Crew Neck - Or round neck, this classic style will accentuate your face and shoulders. Like the Scoop Neck, this style creates a U shape, the difference between both necklines is in the depth of this shape. There is little skin exposed which gives the illusion of a shorter neck and larger chest, making it a good option for smaller busts and wider shoulders.

Since the height of the plunge can vary, this neckline can be easily adapted to your hair style, body and preference.

Wear it with: Small earrings, longer necklaces or a choker to add some edge. Since this neckline is not as low as a scoop or as high as a funnel, it can go very well with any type of bottom. Play with different lengths and widths.

Cowl Neck - A cowl neck top drapes which adds texture and interest to your look, offering more depth than the other neckline styles. This classic neckline is often seen in knits and sweaters and is an amazing option for colder weather due to its coverage.

This neckline works particularly well for longer necks and larger bottom halves. If you have a smaller bust a cowl neck style is a good choice as it adds more layers and volume to your figure.

Wear it with: Tighter bottoms like leggings or a pencil skirt and boots. Discrete earrings can add a pop to this style of neckline as well.

Playing with necklines can be a way of keeping your outfit interesting and stand out, while the rest of your look is effortlessly comfortable and simple. Keep your options open, try different types of accessories, and play around with the proportions of your look depending on your mood, preference and features. 



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